cars and bikes

the car to bike relationship seems to be as natural a negative relationship as the age old dog to cat relationship
it amazes me the selfish OUT OF MY WAY attitude that I tend to get from cars as I move about the city via bicycle
the agression from passing car drivers creates a grand irony!
cycling which is supposed to be this great release for my anger often becomes the source of my anger!

this morning on my commute I had several drivers talk to me through their passanger window as they passed me
trying to enlighten me the the ways of the road
one woman said something about "SHARE THE ROAD is one thing... but you are taking up the whole lane!"
then another exclaimed something to the effect, "I am a cyclist too! What are you trying to prove?!?!?"
I will tell you this...
when I am out on my bicycle I am doing my best to protect myself
there is a method to my madness
I steer here and there, seemingly steering everywhere, all in an effort to steer clear of danger
when I take the whole lane... there is a simple reason for this
it is what is safest for me*... it is making a decision for the car driver's behind me
there are times when it is safe to pass...
there are times when it would be dangerous for me as a cyclist to allow a car to pass
so I make that decision for them
I am thinking for the cars around me
as car driver's have shown time and time again that they do not have my best interests in mind
so I am not trying to prove anything... I am protecting myself by making decisions for both of us
I own a car... I know what it is to exist on both sides of the arguement
SHARE THE ROAD is a bumper sticker.... my bumper sticker would say


just because this fat ass chic rides bikes as well... does not mean that she understands a thing as she tailgates me... had I been in my old truck I would have slammed on the brakes!
proven that her following distance was too close and unsafe

enough of this
just had a debate with a co-worker and his commute on a local bike route
he tongue and cheek voiced his hatred of bicycles on the road
I could see his heart rate rise
I tried to avoid letting the arguement let my blood boil
as I am coming to accept the cat and dog relationship of bikes and cars

serenity now
serenity now
these images of the enlightened one courtesyof the junk resource of Archie McPhee

*this "me" is not a selfish me, but more of a little old me

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