cyclist/bicycle people

there is more to being a cyclist than riding and racing
in actuality... I am more a 'bicycle person' than a 'racer,'
although I do race
I rode long before I ever raced
I plan on riding long after I lose interest in racing

cycling is part of my life
cycling is part of me
cycling is part of who I am
cycling is part of my past and most definitely part of my future

cycling is more than my corny swag t-shirts, the stickers on my car, or the yellow wristband on my arm
cycling is something inside of me
being a cyclist is many things...

being a cyclist is health and fitness
being a cyclist is a mode of transportation
being a cyclist is activism
being a cyclist is a being part of a culture
being a cyclist is riding bikes
being a cyclist is working on bikes
being a cyclist is communicating and communing with other cyclists
being a cyclist is sport, recreation, and fun
there is so much more than putting a number on the bike and pedaling fast
(or trying to pedal fast)

more than anything... being a cyclist can be measured in how I see the world
it is all weighed differently

last weekend was the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms
a great local race which I have enjoyed racing many times in the years prior
missing it this year will only aid my appreciation for it next year
I have had fun reading the reports and hearing the stories of various friend's experience racing this weekend past

the weekend prior was the AMBC Maryland State Championships at Greenbriar

both events passed me by
future events will be missed
that is what happens when a person breaks their finger crashing on the first rock in the first race of the season

in the scheme of things...
this injury is nothing more than a speed bump in my life's path

P.A.C.E. (Positive Attitude Changes Everything!)

it is important that my time is well spent in the weeks to come
off to buy some running shoes
maybe that will help me to make some "lemonade!"



WABA/DC's Bike to Work Day!
mark your calendar
tell your coworkers
tell your friends

stand up and be counted!
DC DOT' Bicycle Page

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