it is all a tad confusing
I am on a mountainbike team... DCMTB
we are sponsored by a local bike shop, City Bikes
for the most part we simplify things and call ourselves The City Bikes Mountainbike Team
it is a good relationship...
City Bikes gives us a deal and in return we represent them at races as well as at various cycling related community events
(Bike DC, Bike to Work Day, urban bike rodeos, trail maintenance, etc.)
the owners of City Bikes have a really good sense of "giving back" to the community

here is my profile on the team site (DCMTB)... Gwadzilla
here is the main page for City Bikes
I have said it before... I will say it again...

"support your local bike shop... but if your local bike shop sucks! then take your business over to City Bikes... the folks at City Bikes are knowledgeable and nothing shy of helpful. The shops are well stocked with bikes and gear, with two locations if you are in the DC area one of these locations may be convenient to your work or home!"

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