EJ: Eric Jackson
world class kayaker, husband, and father of two

must be interesting having EJ as a dad
must be interesting growing up inside a father's dream
having a father's dream being a child's reality must make for an odd place to grow up
from my outside perspective it looks like a pretty cool place
from my perspective EJ looks like he is living a pretty cool life
it is not for everyone
yet it seems to be working for Eric and his family!
son, daughter, and dad

Eric Jackson Kayak

EJ shows that you can have conventional aspects within an unconventional life
then there are those that have aspects of unconventional in their somewhat unconventional lives
yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with a friend of my brother's
a father of two with a solid career and a very healthy approach to life and sports
this man in his mid to late 50's is more fit and more strong than I have ever been...
does this mean that there is hope for me?
I have always hoped that I may be a late bloomer!

you may see Eric Jackson towing his Mini and his family with his RV with the that ever positive Eric Jackson smile pasted on the side
his mini lacks the decals
but Photoshop was able to set things right!

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