function and fashion

we have to wear something...
so we try to wear something we like...
something that portrays a certain image
something that makes us comfortable both to the touch and in appearance

when we encounter someone we often try to make a few assumptions of their character
we look at there choice of hairstyle and then their shoes... after that we take in everything in between
at a closer look we look at their watch
for those with glasses... there is a major decision on what frames to choose

sadly... what we choose to drive is also an extention of ourselves....
funtionality often becomes fashion...
family wagon? mini-van? SUV?
they all say something about who we are... whether we like it or not

most of my clothing is pretty plain
"I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside" -The Smiths
very basic stuff.. jeans.. or khakis... or whatever is in the clearance rack
(overalls were my pant of choice for over a decade... but the boss was making faces.. so I sold out to the man and put on some slacks)
no Juicy Couture in my wardrobe
most of my jackets are gear...
cycling or snowboarding jackets
most of my t-shirts are swag from events
most of my shoes are quasi-athletic... well... other than dress shoes
dress shoes need to be comfortable
ironman as a watch
shaved head as a haircut
cycling glasses as eye protection of my 20/20 vision
lots of my clothing reflects that I am cheap and have been wearing the same size for over a decade
would much rather buy new toys than a suit.... guess that explains my pilly sport coat that I have worn thin

i guess... if it were not for BAD FASHION I would not have any fashion ar all!

(as much as I hate to admit it... people can gues my interests and my job my my choice of apparrell)

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