life is cumulative
this morning I went for a short pre-work ride
thirty-five minutes short
does not sound like much
but that thirty-five minutes on the bike adds up
better to be on the bike for thirty five minutes rather than just sipping one more cup of coffee as I BLOG!
that short ride happened after a short hike with the dogs in the woods...
not sure of the time on foot with the dogs
maybe a lazy 20 minutes or so
not much
the dogs could use more... I could use more
but again
life is cumulative
all these little things add up
the only sad part....
as all these little positive things add up
on the other side of life all of the little negative things add up...
that midnight snack on top of that post dinner desert
a dinner that was not so healthy on top of an afternoon of grazing....
yes, life is cumulative

everything has its minor effect to compile a final outcome
I am a product of all of those minor little things

food is one of my greatest demons
each time I have a craving I buckle

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