Memorial Day Post:
maybe I should be riding my bike
maybe I should be in the park with my family
instead I am at home watching the HBO document Last Letters Home
although I have seen it before it affects me the same way
not because today is Memorial Day, but because it is a sad reality
a beautifully presented documetary that puts a human element to a news story that we are nearly numb to

each story is sad
the separation of a person from their family
a son or daughter taken from their parents
a father or mother taken from their spouse or children
a person taken from their friends
a person taken from this world
the removal itself makes for a sad story
but the situation on top of the consequences
the removal of the person from all that they deserve is sad enough
but the inability to answer one question, "why?" makes it all that much more sad

why are they in Iraq?
well... that "why?" sprials into so many more questions

if you have not seen this film.... seek it out and watch it
have some tissues handy
if you have seen this film... see it again
have some tissues handy

every person who goes off to Iraq as a soldier has their life changed
every person that goes to Iraq and dies comes back to a family who has been changed

I am all for Freedom
I am all for Patriotism
but I am not so sure what our being in Iraq has to do with any of those things

with the money being spent over in Iraq we could do some real patriotic stuff over here
wouldn't it be more patriotic to work on things over here rather than over there?
could't we experience greater freedom by educating our country
building better schools and giving our people an education so that they can be free to prospor and create a better United States.... to create a better world

the documentary is over
time to more effectively budget my day
this afternoon I am headed to my dad's for some Memorial Day fun in the pool
what to do before then?

more blogging?
on a beautiful day?
inside blogging?
am I sick?
come on.... am I sick?
would I let me sons sit in front of the computer or the television (or both) on a day like this?
I would forbid it!

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