what a day!
time well spent
not exactly "r&r"
but relaxing just the same

the morning walk with the dogs
the morning drop off of dean and that cross town drive
knocked off some things to do
took my pain medication as prescribed
hung out with mike k. at city bikes
picked up some stuff i had ordered and shot some shit
it was fun to get some of that great bike shop club house vibe
joe foley showed up looking to meet up with some folks from MORE
it was good to see Scud... I did not recognize the fit women that they were traveling with
they were off to lead some sort of capitol staffers off road ride
sounded pretty cool
seeing joe and scud put the deadline ahead of me and excuses behind me
got to move forward on that brochure
from the bike shop straight to get dean
at school i paused long enough to tell the kids about the accident, the doctor, the x-ray, and the surgery
then a book... arthur... not my first choice but they requested it.... it turned out to be pretty good
on our exit donald's mom invited us over for a "play date"
without hestitation we accepted
with my 4 o clock feeding I told them we would have to head home
dean and i rushed in the house
without hesitation dean had his sunglasses and helmet
it was a struggle to get him to backtrack and put on his fleece
with the car unloaded, my four o clock feeding, and the fleece on along with helmet and glasses we were on the road... or should I say... we were on the sidewalk

i had to run ahead of dean
he was pedaling pretty fast
like a drill seagent I issued commands...
stop at the corner
wait for me at the alley
use the brake'
are you okay?
you are tough.... shake it off...
stop at the corner
keep pedaling up the hill
good job
no worries... I will give you a push

during the play date my mind grew a tad spacey from the four o clock meds
made for good conversation
we all had a good adults and children all played good together
a good time was shared by all

before we could over stay our welcome much longer i wrestled dean away from the action
my methods were not well thought out
again there were issues with the fleece
but the notion of the bike was a good lure

out the front door i pointed up the hill knowing downhill was more direct
but feared the pitch of the hill
dean was gung ho for the hill
so we assumed the drill seargant position
he pedaled fast rotations using the hill
yelling that he wanted to be in front
so i gave him some trust and some space
i ran along side of him and told him to slow and then stop
with dean stopped and good eye contact i pointed out acrve and the alley
he needed to slow for the curve made tight by some vergrwon bushes
then start to brakeo he could slow then stop before the alley

i ran ahead
dean again wanted to take the lead
i explained that i needed to be in front of him to help force a stop
catching him and slowing him down as i had already several times earlier
as i crossed through the bushes i moved a sideways gallop
watching dean
as he made the curve the bushes took him out
right in front of my eyes
nothing i could do
no worries
no complaints
back on the bike
moving forward as i issue more commands
another wipeout
not as ugly
not as bad
back on the bike
as it levels off

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