riddle me this...
what is the obsession with RETRO FASHION
in the late 70's and early '80's there was some aweful fashion
some completely dreadful fashions

Mork had me wearing colored suspenders... well.. I owned them but was seldomly bold enough to wear them outside the house... THANK GOODNESS!
there was that wacky baseball cap with the silver wings of Mercury
my roller skates looked like Adidas rip offs
and my cordaroys came in every color of the rainbow... and yes... rainbows were everywhere
people loved rainbows.... not just the OTC Crowd (Out of The Closet)

one of the worst fashions of the day were the quasi-athletic shorts
there were these shorts that always felt like they were on backwards
no matter how many times you checked the tag or flipped them around..
well... these shorts are back
guess on the ladies they look quite nice
especially when they are roller skating...

I guess someone may think my wardrobe is retro... while I am actually just cheap and wearing the same clothing I have had for the last decade plus

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