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(this list was shared with me from an old friend ((lets call him A.F.)) who took an odd path from skateboarding and skim boarding with a Punk Rock soundtrack to road riding to the tune of Kenny G.)

Quality Points

It is all about the quality points. I am collecting them like crazy. It will not be long until I have everything out of life I ever wanted. 36 Quality Points a day qualifies for a beautiful life.

If you take drugs you lose 10800 quality points each dose. If anyone can do the math, it takes about 3 months of hitting 36 points a day to get back towards the equal liberium of being a quality person. For those who have taken drugs for years, just think about each dose you took. And it is going to take 3 months from each of those times to start being a good person again.

So understand if it takes years of doing good before your soul starts feeling better. I have been working hard to get my quality points back up. I am still fighting it, but things are starting to get better for me. I was so far negative in the Quality Points it was scarey. I didn't think I was going to be able to rebound.

Anyways, I wanted to give you guys the top 10 reasons dopers are idiots.

10. You suck and you have to take drugs to win because you suck.

9. You are a coward because you fear losing. You fear losing so much that you will sell your soul instead of being a man and just being happy with the way God made you.

8. They pretend like they are your friends at the races, but behind your back while you are training hard at home clean, they are secretly taking drugs, and when you meet at a race they beat you and pretend they are clean. Some friends huh?

7. The drugs they are taking to cheat their co workers and friends are destroying their health and they are in denial that they are getting sick or their body is falling apart.

6. They lie to all of their fans because lying is the only way people will like them. It is kind of like going to a club and telling a girl you own a company to get laid, when in fact you clean the toilets of Mc Donalds so you have to hide your true self and be fake, because you really are loser.

5. When a doper wins a race on drugs he smiles, what the fuck are you smiling about? You cheated idiot, it doesn't count.

4. When a doper wins a race and still can't smile, idiot why do you keep cheating? You know you aren't happy, or have you forgot what true happiness feels like because your cancer is developing in your gut and you feel like shit. Remember guys, cheating on your wife is not the way to become happy. Your kids will figure it out in about 10 years and they won't talk to you. Kids love their moms more than their dads and will listen to mom, because your sorry ass isn't even their to experience life with them. You are trailer trash, white trash, and you belong on Jerry Springer with the KKK for sick twisted rednecks.

3. They think their name isn't sitting on the desk of USADA.

2. They think we can't track every email that is sent on stolen underground.

......And the number one reason Dopers are Idoits.........

1. God pops off one of your balls for cheating, yet you keep doing it.

holla at your boy

ps. The joke is on the dopers when we will be reading their obituary in about 30 years when we are still riding up Beech Mountain and picking up Quality Points. The race isn't just when you put numbers on your ass in a tight skinsuit. The real race is from birth to death

Dopers SUCK!

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