it is funny
I never noticed how much I pay attention to the weather
more specifically
I never noticed how much attention I pay to weather forcasts
that is... until after I hurt my finger and I no longer felt any grand concern for the weather to come

now the weather and its future forecasts are a little less significant to me

rain or shine? I am still not going to ride my bike
several days of rain? no matter... trail riding is not currently an option
Sunday thunder showers? makes no difference to me... mountainbike racing is not on the weekend itinerary... not this weekend.... not next weekend... not for some time

so there are far fewer moments spent glancing out the window at the street lamp checking for rain drops reflecting as they drop past the light
no need to log onto Weather.com for weekend forecasts or hourly updates
no scanning the television for the weather channel or doppler radar from the local stations
it is all information that is a little less vital to my plan making

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