Animal Sounds
Grant is approaching one and half.
He is developing fast.
Along with words and language, animal sounds are a fun part of a child's development.
There is a page on the internet that Dean and I enjoyed years ago... now Grant has been introduced to the same page.... HE IS HOOKED!!!
While Lisa and I were in Colorado the boys stayed with their grandparents in Pittsburgh. I gave a list of activities to help the grandparents entertain the boys... this web page of animal sounds was on that list. By the end of the trip Grant was leading his grandfather to the computer pointing and saying, " more.... an-i-mals."
Then he motioning to the chair in front of the computer and climbing on.
The site is very bare bones... but the boys really enjoy it

Animal Sounds

today is Dean's 4th birthday... we are starting the day slowly
lisa is at yoga
dean is watching the film Dinosaurs
grant is playing with an assortment of toys, when he is not turning off the television
I am sipping coffee, blogging, and hanging with the boys......
dogs have yet to be walked, but that will all happen soon enough

other good kids sites....
well.... new parents and parents to be need.... babycenter.com
there is noggin.com, pbskids.com.... the list goes on

rather than watching full movies... Dean often gets to watch movie trailers.... trailers at Apple.com and Movie List
I fear that the fast edits will cause ADD like symptoms... but what father does not want his sons to be like himself?

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