Back to the Bike: Teaching a child to ride without training wheels

here I am back on this topic
Dean is now 4 years old... he seems to be getting too large for his first bicycle
I have a larger bicycle for him... but am thinking of only giving this bike to him without the training wheels
work is calling
Sheldon Brown's take on various ways to teach a child to ride without training wheels

(spoke borrowed from the Sheldon Brown page)

there have already been a few comments on this topic....
for which I am thankful
one issues....
teaching a person to do something always has one difficult variable..... THE STUDENT!
ever try to teach an adult male to SNOWBOARD?
that can be fun!
they always want to apply what they know from something else rather than listening to the instructions
so whe n I approach this task of teaching my son to ride a bike without training wheels I have to take into account him and his intersts
as well as his abilities....

I am going to try and work on this this evening...
or some of the evening this week
will let you know how it goes
I am going to try and do the basic removal of the training wheels and running along side my son
mix it up with the PEDAL REMOVAL SYSTEM.... which makes sense... except for having to stop the bicycle
hope he learns fast...
hope he wants to take the training wheels....
hope I win the lottery

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