Bicycle Blogs and Bicycle Blogging Coops

it is interesting...
this whole BLOG thing has really grown to be a monster
the Media is always talking about "the blogs" as if each blogger were typing away on some sort of political adgenda
but Blogs are not all trying to get to the political truth....
most blogs are simply web journals... a text version of a personal web page
there are blogs on every topic imaginable... blogs are a form of forum

here are two Bicycle Blog Coops...
multiple writers... or should I say... multiple contributors

Bike Centric
FatGuyCycling (which once included FIXEDGEARCYCLING)
and of course

and I am sure there are more
it is interesting to get multiple contributors...
as it will alter the perspective and the focus
sometimes reading more like a magazine.....
or at least that is the goal of some

Blogging to me?
a great way to release the steam from my pressure cooker of a brain

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