Blogging from Boulder: Views on the Foothills Trail
from the little parking coral there is a pedestrian underpass that points the trail users to the Foothills... maybe what locals call the Flat Irons
as I am not a local I do not know
the land is vast
the sky is vast
the plant life is not like the plant life back home
the dandelion seeds create a sphere closer to the size of a baseball than a golfball
the scent of nature surrounds me
clean crisp humidity free air
even the smell of a skunk brings me pleasure
over head there are dark storm clouds that threaten my comfort
the rain in those clouds look cold
I run shirtless saving the shirt for when I will need it
behind me in the east there is a mixture of blue skies with white clouds
a rainbow end drops out of clouds
hidding the arch
from here I can see the pot og gold... it is here in Boulder
the rainbow changes intensity over time.. darker deeper more vibrabrant then dim again
at one time there are rainbows in tandem... a site I have only seen in Colorado
a site that people in Colorado may very well get to see everyday
a site I think I could never take for granted

as it gets later and the sun drops behind the mountians in the west
animals come out for their evening feeding
deer pause from their snack to access whether or not I am something to fear
chirping all around... some insect... some bird.... some prarie dog
the prarie dogs look just like they do in the zoo.... only they have the whole world to roam out here

wild flowers mixed with green grasses make a wall along side the narrow foot trial
there are a few trees...
only a few trees
each small tree standing alone with some sort of strength and magesty
it is a very different world here in Boulder
this Dorthy is not in his Kansas any more

more later
Rocco is up....
we are going to have some coffee then I will free him up for work

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