the city is an interesting place
my neighborhood is an interesting section of an interesting city
within my neighborhood exists a wide variety of interesting people

with all the houses so close together
with all the cars parked on the street
with everyone walking the same direction to go to the store or to catch the bus
there is the opportunity for greater interaction
at least with those living immediately around you

the suburbs allow for people to pull into their garages and enter their houses
this all causes for a strikingly different dynamic

one of my neighbors shared with me a few sites...
one with his band
one of some music list.... maybe trading tapes of "the dead" at hampton.... or something to that effect
with all the time I wasted looking at the pretty pictures at MYSPACE.com
I did not have time to give this site a full look
so I am going to bookmark them for myself here

Rock Creek Divide - (his band)
I like Blue Yodel #9
this music will appeal to the NPR Blue Grass Listeners
or the locals who hang at Madams Organ on Wednesday nights

ETREE - (his list)

I dragged him into the world of MYSPACE.com
we get a kick out of making observations of the Southern California Stripper/Model vibe at myspace

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