Commuter Tip: Dry Bags
for those of us that commute via bicycle there are little aspects of our personalized systems that make our arrival to work as sensible as possible

I like to leave an assortment of clothing at work, especially my shoes
I also leave some deodorant and some Gold Bond as a shower is not always part of my plan
for those who lock their bike up at work... I recommend keeping the lock fastened to the post; rather than lugging the extra weight back and forth each day
those are a few basic tips

here is a tip for rainy days.... get a Dry Bag
sure a good water repelant bag would be better
but not everyone has the cash for an Ortlieb Bag
while others are satisfied with their bag, except on rainy days

I have a large Camelbak Backpack that I am pretty much satisfied
the fact I got it off a warranty return from a pack that I was given and used for sometime
makes this bag that much more pleasing
and as always
except on rainy days
so on days like this....
I use my Dry Bag!

I simply put my clothing and my electronic gear in the Dry Bag
put the Dry Bag in my pack
and roll into work
arriving with my underware and socks much dryer than myself
as well as having a cell phone, pager, and Blackberry that are still operational

the dry bag is also useful for outings on a boat or any time you go camping!

just a thought
just putting that out there!

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