Computer Guy... Not Water Boy.
Office Politics.

Throughout our little office building there are various water coolers.

So often I go to get a cup of water and find the cooler empty.

Most of the time I take it upon myself to replace the empty receptacle when I stumble upon it... while sometimes I feel that my actions are performed disproportionately to my intake of water so I shirk the responsibility.

After all... I am the Computer Guy... not the Water Boy!

I am sure there are other things in the office that aggravate me.

I feel that my actions enable the office workers lazy behavior.
If the bottle runs dry as I fill my cup... sure I will change it.
But it is not my duty to walk the building making sure the water coolers are full and operational.

I am sure that people are tired of hearing me tell them to take the stairs.... as our building is three stories high... I have measured the stairs in this building against the stairs in my house... but I risk to say that there are not so many more stairs here that make me feel I need to take an elevator.

oh... my office is SNACK CENTRAL
there are always snacks on the main reception desk
during my daily duties I frequently make a pass through this location
it is not so uncommon to see the empty container from what was once offered to the swine
it seems that they are consistent in their neglect for common courtesy

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