friday morning
here it is... friday morning
everybody is up
everybody is out of the house
lisa has just walked out of the house with dean, grant, roscoe, and brutus
roscoe and brutus are off to get their "summer haircuts"
dean and grant are off with mommy to go to the Baltimore Aquarium
me? I am blogging
blogging in an effort to dodge the things I should be doing
it is raining and I am blogging
it is raining and I should be riding
it is raining and I will be riding, but will I ride directly to work or will I stretch it out?
tough to be motivated to ride without any real goals... without any racing goals
tough to be motivated to ride with the built in excuse of a f_cked up finger
the rain is just a back up excuse if I can not cave into the first
the mind is always looking for excuses to help the body be lazy

the kick just ain't what it used to be
before kids coffee was this powerful drug... I used in a few times a month
usually paired up with a physical activity
then, with the arrival of kids I needed to be awake and alert with the early morning
the morning being a time of deep haze for me... now and all the years before me
so Lisa doubled the morning coffee creation and I started pouring
one cup... two cups... sometimes three cups
does it wake me up?
but it is now part of my routine
as a creature of habit I enduldge
it is been a while since I had a Red Bull.... hope that still acts like a warm up at the STARTLINE


wish I had more to BLOG about
wish I were BLOGGING about long rides on the road, local night rides, and epic races
all the glory and all the woe
but I am not
as I am not riding very much... I am not BLOGGING very much
since I am not racing, the corner stone of my BLOG has been removed
there is much to BLOG about other than riding...
but I do not want to BLOG about every trip to the ZOO with my boys
no need to BLOG about every time I flip off a speeding car

time to do a few things and point my ass out the door
if I am going to go for a ride
I need to start now

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