gwadzilla blogspot
life and blogging are an interesting balance
or is it that life and blogging are so out of balance
when there is more to blog about... there is no time
when there is... well... you can flip the statements yourself

recently I have been busy
not busy cycling
busy with life
busy being a good father
busy being a good husband
busy being a good employee
busy being a good homeowner
there have been a few nights where I kept busy by being a good drunk
but I have not been so busy with bicycling or blogging

there have been so many blogging ideas
yet so little time to blog
there have been so many photos I have wanted to post
but I upgraded Mac OS needs some tweeking to work properly with my Digital Camera
there have been creative photoshop projects
but most of all... there has been a creative comic project that I have wanted to toy with
none of these things have happened as there just has not been enough time
currently I type with Dean in my lap
we discuss superheros as I type and while we download a movie trailer
let me pause to see if Sharkboy and Lava Girl are ready for viewing

back... well...
Dean is awake with his door open staring at me... demanding another story
there are times when I have to hold my ground
time to go downstairs and have some dinner by 9PM

dean is asleep
I have eaten dinner and packed my bags for my trip to colorado
rocco/tim/whomever else.... timmyp if I had more time
timmyp if I ever bother to make a plan
who knows... there is a wedding... an old friend is getting married in leadvile
oh... oh yes... back to the story
thanks... my mind wanders... sometimes I lose my focus

there is this comic book project
no not the frame projects... these are the list of BLOG PROJECTS that I have been neglecting
there is this comic strip idea I had... maybe a weekly installment
should I say it... cause the comic strip is not like the BIKE TALK radio program that I BLOGGED about
but something that I can actual do.... something that could easily be done
first there is the idea
there is the drawing
the erasing
then the drawing
the idea changes which leads to more erasing
then finally scanning
then coloring in Photoshop

well... you know what
there does not seem to be enough time in gwadzilla's world to try and write up EPISODE ONE OF GWADZILLA'S WORLD: Bike to Work Day 2005

I guess if I tried to trick myself that it is a movie
then I would storyboard it through and never film it
but instead I opted for a comic strip which is really the story board
which right now is being completely neglected

it was started
but it is being neglected

it never found a rythym
Gwadzilla's World never found life
it was unclear how gwadzilla would be drawn
as I do not really draw often.... would he look different in each box?
guess it does not matter... as it may never be done

it had been four weeks since gwadzilla had broken his finger on the first rock in the first race of his mountainbike race season
under the doctor's orders gwadzilla was off the bike with his finger in a splint after a 5 pin surgery had taken place

it was raining monsoon style
but gwadzilla was determined to participate in the
Bike to Work Day rally
he felt it was vital to RIDE AND BE COUNTED
rain was not going to prevent him from attending the ride to work experience on Bike to Work day
not to mention the gathering at Freedom Plaza downtown

so to protect the still fragile from the rain and a potential crash a plastic bag was put over the hand with a newspaper rubberband to hold it in place
with flashing lights, helmet, and gortex head to toe gwadzilla was in traffic where he was surronded by the anarchy induced by a world filled with frantic drivers panicked as they arrive late for work
so panicked that their windows are fogged from heavy panting
and hands too busy working blackberries, cell phones, and XM radios when they should be figuring out the defroster and windshield wipers

without incident gwadzilla arrived on the scene at freedom plaza
the morning at home feeding children, dressing children, and walking dogs had slow gwadzilla's approach to the starting gate
the bike had been tuned or at least working
and gear had been set out
but the manditory late departure caused by fatherly duties was part of the Bike to Work equation
so the loud speakers were down
the cheering had stopped
there were still many cyclist gathered
but groups were pointed and pulling out towards their Work

late on the scene gwadzilla scans the booths
booths still seeing activity from cyclists before they move on with their day
some booths are more attractive than others
the rain alters the mood of the event
gwadzilla scans the crowd for familiar faces
all the riders look pretty much the same
wet rats
wet rats with bicycle helmets on their wet rat heads

the bicycle culture is a small
gwadzilla approaches old friends and familiar faces
shares a hello with a stranger while grabbing a coffee and a bagel before the tents are torn down

with a coffee in hand gwadzilla moves to get a BIKE TO WORK DAY waterbottle and t-shirt
late in the event
people tearing stuff down
gwadzilla makes small talk with the WABA volunteer
then asks for another waterbottle
two waterbottles turn into three
and an XL t-shirt on top it all

a few more booths
a few more familiar faces

gwadzilla is off with a variety of bicycle related SWAG!

once back at work gwadzilla rings out his soaking clothes and towels down before getting dressed for work
a little zap to the brain and gwadzilla snaps his head up and exclaims to himself in his own head. "where are my glasses?"

panning back in time...
during one of the small talk and swag grab session gwadzilla removed his fogged up/rain drop covered glasses
the exchange was less than equal
a few waterbottles, a t-shirt, a map, and some other random stuff of littte monetary value
versus SMITH SLIDER01 with clear lenses
old school or maybe just old
they were passed down from gwadzilla's wife
then they were passed from their to someone who was managing the lost and found box

for them... not for me
as I took a loss on this one

this is some sort of twisted cycling version of a modern day Aesop's Fable

the moral?

where is the storyboard?
I think I could have told it with more detail had I been looking at the actual storyboard!

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