hang onto some heritage
or steal some from your neighbor

sure the kids had a blast playing my home made version of Pin the Tail on the donkey...
not sure if the Pin the Tail on the Shark and Pin the Tail on the Elephant were Martha Stewart getting crafty... or Martha Stewart on crack in the ghetto with some duct tape (duck tape)
either way....
the lack of interest in the activity by Marcos got me thinking...
is Pin the Tail on the Donkey some lame activity proper white people play at their parties?
would a pinata been much more fun?

that said....
the majority of the children playing were latino....
all of them had fun
no one complained
never was there mention of the missing pinata
although a pinata would have been cool

one thing I forgot to mention....
all the children cheated other than one
Donald's mom was convinced that he had not
but the shark's tails were stacked as if no blindfold were involved

I have vague memories of being sent home from a party when I was four
I seem to recall my inabilty to not peek while playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey

I have done the pinata before
if I recall correctly, it started to rain on Dean's birthday just as we were about to move to the Pinata
so the pinata stayed in the back of my truck
later that year I crashed countless kids' birthday parties always looking for the appropriate time to use this yellow paper mache teddy bear filled with dime store toys and penny candy....
I think this teddy bear lasted till 10 months later
at Dean's cousin's birthday party
it was the classic scenario as portrayed by John Hughes in parenthood where the kids lose interest unable to make a dent in the solid structure
and the adults take a failing wack at things
until finally there were broken toys and shattered candy all over the yard

I think I will hold onto my
Pin the Tail on the Shark and Pin the Tail on the Elephant
but maybe add the Pinata from time to time

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