Hornets or Wasps?
I really don't know
I really don't care
all I know
is I don't want them there!

there was a small nest developing on the side of Dean's Clubhouse
(correction: Dean and Grant's Clubhouse)
several children have already been stung... only once on my clock
we should have taped off the area after the first instance... but I had not looked close enough to find the nest

after work I went to several local stores
all with empty shelves where my HORNET/WASP Nest Spray should be
finally I drove off to Strohsniders's in Bethesda.. a "real" hardware store
returned and I sprayed the nest with some instant resolve in a can
not sure if it worked
not sure if it worked any different than my grandfather's efforts with the garden hose
we will learn tomorrow
last night I left it there were piles of toxic foam and a swarm of angry Hornets
or are they Wasps?

this morning I surveyed the area and did some clean up
my only hope is that the remaining stinging insects don't decide to all start their own individual communes!

baby center on bee stings

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