I am no Super... but I can relate to Bob Parr
last night after my trip out to Wakefield I felt invigorated
my blood was pumping
I was alive
cycling is part of me
cycling is vital to my health and well being
much like Bob Parr I returned home feeling a greater sense of self
this burst of self confidence overflowed to my family
it is good to start coming back from my forced retirement
lets see if I can pick up the intensity and make up for lost time
only not so fast.... my finger still will not allow me to make a fist
nor can I grip the handlebars

let me keep things to "baby steps"
Wakefield for now... rock gardens of the Watershed later

which reminds me of a Anecdote from a fast team at the last 24 Hours of Snowshoe
Team: All American Bicycle Club
Class: Men's Veteran (35+)
We are Carl, Roger, Merrill and Ron. We strive to keep balance in our lives. Family - Work - Cycling. This weekend is all about Cycling. Does it offset the balance? We know we return as better cyclists, but what about Family & Work? Do we return as better husbands, boyfriends, fathers, co-workers, employees, employers? You bet your ass we do. Everyone should have an event like this in their lives.
saw roger at Wakefield which may have also added to the anecdote on the brain
I definitely want some GRANNYGEAR-ESQUE events in my future

and here is DT's recap of his Fixed Gear Wakefield Experience
my Wakefield experience is below

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