morning ride
last week my boss was away
leaving me to guide the ship
along with double duty
there were double shifts keeping me late each evening
so as a reward... I got to leave early on Wednesday and come in late today, Friday

waking up to a rainy day did not offer me much excitement
tried to find a positive by looking down at my garden
but honestly... I can water my little garden myself
after drinking the last drop of coffee I realized that I am a loser and have nothing to entertain myself with at home
lisa had taken the two boys and the two dogs
I was at home all alone
so I went ahead and suited up for a wet ride on the bike

lucky for me the bike of choice was not ready for riding
the Jamis Nova cross bike had not been ridden since before my accident over a month ago
there were pedals to swap out
tires to be pumped up
and a chain to be lubed
if I knew any of that roadie stuff I would have pulled out a tape measurer and a plum bob and started a fit kit
anything to keep me from doing what I am supposed to do
(I have cleaned the truck driver's bathroom in my basement in an effort to avoid arriving at work on time)

once on the bike in the morning mist I tried to work the brakes and the gears with my splint isollated hand
braking was not quite what I had hoped
the Paul's cross levers were vital to my safety
the rain was not helping my "worst case scenario" fears

out the alley and down Park Road
there was no getting the big ring on this bike
perhaps more an issue of my 7 speed mountain bike chain rings in the front
not totally agreeing with my 9 speed chain
not sure
maybe it is a turn of the limit screws
not sure
I was already moving and had no concern with tinkering as I was riding
rationalized the failure to get the big ring as a good way to over spin my way into shape
ironically I rode the cross bike as I have been only riding the single
wanted to push a bigger gear
the gear was bigger... but not big enough
still spinning frantically... but on a different bicycle

the saddle reminded me how long it had been since I had ridden
the month push off had made my buttocks soft
my legs and lungs showed the effects of good living
riding the couch has done nothing to aid my love for riding the bicycle

it was a nice ride
cruised up Beach Drive towards Maryland...
dipped onto the car free Capitol Crescent Trail
was happy to be carfree...tired of tailgating assholes... tired of everyone passing me fast and close
poked my head into City Bikes for a second... no Mike K.
back on the bike
back into the Scottish mist

the trail was vacant
a frog, a box turtle, a few dog walkers, a few runners
a combination of off peak hours and the rain gave me full rein of the trails

arrive to work after an hour 20 maybe an hour 30 on the bike
there was the stop at the shop and another stop at Apple Courier
those stops were not factored into my ride time

it was a good ride
a good humbling ride
a good eye opening reality ride
I am slow
I am not even weekend warrior fast
I am common man slow
not biker fast
not even biker slow
just regular guy rolling slow on the bike

I am not that fast in peak condition any how

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