quick ride with a friend
last night I left work and I headed strauight home like a responsible husband and father
my trajectory was direct


taking what would be the nearest to immediate path home
not 16th Street... but the bike path in Rock Creek
but what happened?
when dropping down into Rock Creek Park to access the bike path I saw a familiar form
it was fellow Cyldesdale Chris Redlack
so instead of turning left... I turned right and grabbed his rear wheel

he was meandering about the city on his single speed
spinning fast and hard
pushing a gear that seems a little large for the single speed

we exchanged hellos and started chatting
I opted to talk while we pedaled
so we moved towards the Capitol Crescent trail
all the while I was torn
one eye on my house and the direct route
while the other eye was on the trail in front of me taking me in the opposite direction

Chris and I caught up...
he told me of the Big Bear Course
never boasting about his lap times or his victory
then we moved to the topic of Wednesday at Wakefield
we talked about the single speed class and the clydesdale class
and the idea of racing both in one afternoon
it was clear to see that Chris is in a riding and racing groove
as happy as I am for Chris... it is all bitter sweet
it is painful for me to watch people blossom while I lie dormant

after a handful of stories I took a look at my watch (AGAIN!) and re-evaluated my path home
it was getting late
there were children to tuck in and an over worked wife to releave
I opted to bisect my route by cutting through Chevy Chase Maryland onto Chevy Chase DC over to Broad Branch
yes... Broad Branch
that same stretch of Broad Branch Road that Marvin has told the cyclist to "watch out"

I rolled down through neighborhoods
enjoyed the fast pace of the curves on the road bike as I moved through the tree canopy that is Rock Creek park
pedaled up Park Road past my house...
I always pedal to the top of Park Road and turn back to my house
so even the shortest bike ride has a hill climb tossed in
contemplated doing the hill a few times to aid in the starting of my season
but responsibility got the best of me
after pedalling up the hill I rolled back down... cutting into the alley behind my house
entering through the rear of my house

inside I was greeted by three smiling faces and two wagging tails
it is good to come home to such a greeting
Lisa was reading to Dean and Grant
Roscoe and Brutus were marching about each holding a shoe in their mouth in that classic "man's best friend" here is your slipper sort of way
we all went up stairs where I started the bath for the boys
boys bathed
books were read
the kids were off to bed
there were left overs for supper
my day was done

nothing to do but put me feet up
well actually.... very much to do...
but I could do nothing but put my feet up

with the day behind me I reflected on things
thought about Chris Redlack and his fast Clydesdale Times
thought about Chris some more
being the competitive beast that I am I thought about Chris and the SM100
figured that I best set some goals for myself or this season will never start
as things never start themselves
getting fast is a goal
but without a tangible goal it will never happen
signing up for the SM100 will create another goal

too bad I am unavailable for the Wednesday At Wakefield Race today...
that would be a good chance for me to go against Chris
maybe next week

maybe tonight will get rained out....
giving me another opportunity for racing this whole series

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