Race Report: 24 Hours of Big Bear/Cranky Monkey
another bike free weekend...
well, almost a bike free weekend
spun the single out to my dad's to set up for Dean's pool party to celebrate turning 4
then of course after it was over I spun it back... the ride was short but it fits into my "life is cumulative" approach to things
yet... still no dirt and definitely no racing
it was tough to know that there were people out there racing a 24 hour relay while I was getting fat poolside
at various part of the weekend I looked at the clock and thought about where racers may be in their game
the frustration of missing the 24 Hours of Big Bear almost had me racing the Cranky Monkey
but... I refrained

it was a wholesome family weekend

several birthday parties for Dean and a little Father's Day action for myself...

on Friday where I took the day off from work so I could entertain Dean's pre-K class for a birthday lunch
much grilling on top of pin the tail on the elephant and pin the tail on the shark... very custom... either very cool or very ghetto
then there was much hiking with kids and dogs... good distance for short legged kids but short distance for long haired dogs
Grant is an amazing little hiker...
was pleased to see Dean ride his bike to the bakery after our Saturday morning hike with the dogs... Grant was downgraded to stroller... he did not complain

this weekend without racing is all somewhat depressing for me
sure I strive to be an expert dad and accept my sport mountainbiker status (Clydesdale when available)
with no riding and no racing I feel my sport status rapidly slipping into weekend warrior status

gotta roll
dean is out of the tub, dressed, in my lap.. requesting Animal Sounds

granny gear site

for BiG Bear Results and such

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