Self Medicating
self medication is a funny thing....

we live in a society where we no longer fix anything
everything is disposable
everything is made so that a specialist must be called in for the repairs
many things that people did themselves 10 or 15 years ago are now out sourced
we are now a few generations away from a time when everything could be fixed with a little tinkering
heck... slamming the side of that old television set really did fix the picture

there was a time when a man changed his own oil, cut his own lawn, and even fixed his own bike
holes is socks were sewn
rips in jeans were patched
lost buttons were replaced... sadly... I lose a button... I lose a shirt

yes... now it is all a little different
paper routes and dog walks are no longer chores or jobs for young kids looking to develop character
no.... these are jobs held by adults
no longer do pre-adolescent kids mow your lawn or shovel your walk
don't be foolish...
the landscapers needs year round employment.... they will shovel your walk when there are no hedges to trim or weeds to be plucked
there are now professional gutter cleaners, window washers, and car detailers
we don't even wash our own cars anymore?

there is one thing that remains in the hands of the Self Helper and the Do It Yourselfer!


angry.... sad.... depressed..... lonely
you name it.... there is a bottle at the corner store that will fix ya right up

okay... you got me
that bottle from the corner store is no closer to curing a persons woes than those bottles at Track Auto that are sold to "seal your radiator" or "clean your carborator" or whatever else these products may claim to do
I know.... I have tried them all!
well... you got me... Fix a Flat works!
so that bottle from the corner store may fix some minor stuff like a teen heart break
but for the most part those quick fixes are just band aids
band aids that just cover up the wounds and do nothing to cure them
yet we use them just the same

come on.... if you are having that drink before bed to help you sleep
why not seek out something that is actual designed to help a person sleep?

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