tangent jumping at MYSPACE.com
it is sort of funny
I get lost in this electronic world
BLOGS are about WORDS
they are similar yet different
MYSPACE is a dumbed down version of the BLOG
a very strange place that MYSPACE
seems like everyone in there is putting themselves out there
out there to be picked up
picked up or discovered by the next soft porn movie maker
as much as I like the pictures.... I think I like the words better
the pictures are really nothing more than a train wreck
and of course... I can not look away


check it out
do a little tangent jumping
look at some one's friends...
zero in on someone interesting
view their picks
then view their friends
zero in on someone interesting
view their pics.... read their blurbs
then rinse and repeat
have several hours past?
thought so!

poor Lily.... she has not reached eight thousand friends yet!
I would add more links
but I am certain that you may find a tangent just as "interesting?"

just follow the "betty paige" bangs!
you will wonder what planet these people are from
where you can get a rocket to take you there

I joined MYSPACE.com in an effort to reunite people for my 20th high school reunion...
but was asked not to "push" the site as they were creating an "official site"
it has been several months
no official site yet....
oh well,
I tried
why do I keep going back there?
electronic addiction I guess

joe will show you his friends have abs of steel or boobs of silicone
if I die... I want to come back as joe's wingman
he seems to be running in circles that are beyond my wildest dreams

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