Walmart: I love Walmart
I know I am not supposed to like Walmart, but whenever I get a chance to stroll down those grand isles I really do enjoy myself. There is something wonderful about the price of an item being less than the MSRP. And I can always use some new underware and socks. There was a time in my life where I battled depression by purchasing tools from Walmart.

While on vacation in Colorado I went to two different Walmarts, one in Frisco and one outside of Denver. In Frisco I was able to get some umbrellas for Lisa and myself, the 3.86 sticker price made it easier to buy two umbrellas for one time use at the wedding. Then while in the Walmart outside of Denver I could not resist buying Dean some birthday presents.... a Spiderman shirt cool enough that I wish they had it in my size, a Superman shirt that glows in the dark (again I am jealous), and a Batman watch.... each item priced under seven bucks...
Dean loves his birthday gifts and the man at the Avis car return seemed appreciative for the umbrellas.

There is talk about a Target opening near the Columbia Heights Metro...
Some are against it.... I am for it.... a long as the structure is something more than that self storage style warehouse form.
The twenty bodegas on my main strip are great for Pinatas, but they are doing no one a service with their cut rate toys and products that somehow bypassed the CSPC.

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