Hutch on Dogster
Roscoe and Brutus never got into the online thing

puppies are so cute
everyone loves puppies
just like everyone else... I love puppies
I may pass by a pet store and see a pen full of puppies in the window
if granted the time I may stop by in for a closer look
maybe not on the first pass... but maybe on the second

after I leave I may daydream about those puppies
may give them names
create imaginary personalities fot the puppies I do not know
create names for the puppies I will never own
maybe even imagine how these puppies would fit into my life
at home I have two dogs
two dogs that I love
two dogs that I have no desire to replace
would it be leading these puppies on if I were to visit them and look into their eyes?
have I mislead them? it would be a waste of energy explaining my intentions
as they are puppies
and puppies just do not understand


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