this network of communication can be nothing shy of amusing
people blog about anything, everything, and nothing
there are blog circles that expand far beyond the media's definition of the BLOG

this being the year of my 20th High School Reunion has got me in touch with a variety of people
when reviewing our Class Reunion Site I was pleased to catch up with a few people
some people I knew and others I did not know so well
there is a fellow graduate that has an entertaining blog... Clark has a wide variety of interests
it seems that he takes his interests to the passion level

when going to Clark's blog I did what I tend to do when I check out people's blogs
I read.... I comment.... and I went to some of his links
in addition to links he has a lot of pictures
his images from the Star Wars Convention are definitely worth a look
anyone who makes fun of this stuff is just jealous!
Clark's pictures from "on the job" are a tad scary
it is great to know that someone with such passion may be at the other end of the life line when we are reaching for help

within his list of links were some very popular BLOGGERS
there was the Mom who talks about POOP and there was the stewardess who likes to flaunt what she go.. both of which got fired from their jobs for BLOGGING
a fate that I try to avoid
such actions guide both my behavior and the topics I tend to blog about

usually my blog circles cycle around the bicycle

to name a few
use my links
use their links
there is so much out there
you will find something that distracts you from what you should be doing

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