Discord vs. Nike
Minor Threat vs. Major Threat
from PUNK NEWS.org

Pitchfork Media's response
and GOOGLE it for more repponse and more opinions
more Pitchfork

and the Rock and Roll perspective
sorry if my news is a month old
similar to GOOGLE EARTH
I am out of the loop
this news was shared with me from old friend FALK
we skated together years ago
he was always a far superior skater (and skim boarder)
we spent a fair amount of time listening to music together while drinking and hanging together
minor threat was a topic of discussion and a classic on the turn table
so was joy division

what I really love about this whole NIKE advertising error is that they profoundly made this same mistake some years ago
flattering and true there is some great parallel with the abuse of the Minor Threat 7" cover and the use of the song Revolution by the Beatles

but in the same respect
there is something PUNK about ripping off a design or a logo
skateboard decks have had spoofs and plays on existing designs for fun or for a statement
when it becomes an issue of profit
an issue of major profit for a huge company
then it becomes something differently completely

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