I have a brother....
an older brother
it is confusing to my son that he is the big brother yet I am bigger
this whole greater than less than comparision is tough on the brain of a 4 year old
the abstract terms.... like baby of the family is tough for a 4 year old to grasp when thinking of his 6'4" father who is weighing in at roughly 235
clearly not a baby at all... unless their are dishes to be done... then I throw a tantrum

my brother is roughly 200lbs and has a full head of hair
we share the same last name and we share some similar features
to some we look alike
to some it is difficult to tell us apart
sometimes I fear that he may be getting some backlash from my actions from those that can not tell us apart
during cross season when he is duking it out with the fast guys I am amused by the confusion...
similar body types.... same jersey.... but not much more... as I am clearly more beastly then he
since his crash in a road race in Reston VA the other day...
I wonder as the roadies out there glance at me.... thinking that I am him
who knows...

here are a few pictures of a few crashes from that day

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