like most of my ideas...
just an idea
never an action

after that whole
Marvin Kalb bicycle bashing on WAMU I devoted a part of my brain towards what could be done
or better yet.... what should be done!

various radio
PSA ideas went though my head
let me see if I can type down one of the ideas that was floating around my head for the last few days.....

The majority of people that are listening to this station right now are traveling in their cars. Those who are traveling in their cars are more than likely commuting to work... commuting on the same route that they have traveled for weeks, months, years, or even decades. These drivers may mix things up with a variety of different routes... each in an effort to bring the driver to work as safe and as efficiently as possible with as little stress as possible.

Knowing that we are all creatures of habit I would feel it is safe to say that most every driver gets into their cars then selects the route in their head and then points their car towards work, putting themselves into a little bit of an AUTO-PILOT scenario.

Well, I ask the car commuters to select one day where they take themselves out of AUTO-PILOT and drive this one day a little more aware.

In life we all need to put ourselves in check from time to time. If we spend too much time in auto pilot we may find that we have drifted off course. I feel that the majority of car drivers have drifted off course. I think that a day or two traveling in a concious state the drivers can re-evaluate thier route and return to thier auto-pilot mode but with a greater understanding of the road. Bringing them to be safer more concientious drivers.

With Auto-Pilot set to the OFF position I want the car drivers to pay a little closer attention to the dials on the dash board, the signs on the road, the markings on the pavement, and the activity around them. Look at the speed limit signs and compare them to the speedometer. Look at the Stop Sign and the Stop Line and pay attention to how you have responded to that regulation. Did the sign say, "slow to a roll and keep on going?" No, the sign said to STOP. Make a complete stop. Access the intersection. Then when safe, clear, and in turn... progress forward. Be alert no just to the other cars, but be alert to other human traffic.

Make a mental note of human activity on your route. When approaching a school or a toddler park be extra alert for a mother and their child trying to cross... yeild to the woman and her stroller... be considerate not just to their "right of way" but also to their right to safety. Look for these high traffic areas. Pay attention to points where there are cyclists or joggers on the bicycle path. Be alert to where the path intersects with the road. Have foresight... anticipate things... expect them to be there... expect them to want to cross. Do not block the box.. do not roll past the stop line blocking the cross walk, blocking the ramp on the curb, if you have to stop... Why not stop where you are supposed to stop? Be alert to your actions obstructing the path of others. If you know that you will be taking a turn.... look at the path of pedestrian traffic. Expect/Anticipate/and Respect those that are not surrounded by crumple resistent side panels with side and front airbags.

In addition to taking the actions and activities that are occurring along your route to work. Take a closer look at your own driving behavior. Are you focused at the task at hand? That task should be driving.... not reading the morning paper, checking email messages on your Blackberry, or chatting away on your phone. Driving should be the main concern while driving... not reading emails or talking on the phone. Something is suffering. Chances are the email is not getting its full attention nor is the road, best to ignore one and focus on the other. Work will still be their when you arrive at your desk.

Try this little task once... maybe even twice... then fade back into AUTO-PILOT. Only after shedding a few of the bad habits. Leave the Blackberry and the Cell Phone in your bag. Make the complete stops at Stop Signs. Go within a reasonable limit of the designated speed limit. Treat the other drivers as you would like to be treated. And treat those that on the road around you with the respect that they deserve... always remembering that they are people, people who deserve to be safe during their morning routine.

no time for a proof read
time to slide down the dinosaur
more on this later

other rants I want to expand upon

The Golden Rule
and let me see what else comes to surface as I pedal home

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