and of course... always read the fine print

it is mid mountainbike season
crashing on the first rock in my first race of the season has caused quite a set back well, actually I was able to finish that race
the finger was broken
then the doctor fixed it
now I am contending with the healing process

during my recovery I was off the bike for a few months

not riding my bike disrupted my "life is cumulative"
approach to life my tendency is to never ride that many long rides but to try to maintain a solid base
to never drop below a certain fitness

that month plus away from the bike was enough to take me below my base
so while I was squating in the bush Charlie was out getting stronger...

now I am ready to face Charlie....
Charlie is feeling fast...
I am feeling slow
as my season is just beginning as I am just finding my legs and my lungs the other racers are in full rhythm... rocking and rolling.... cruising past me... taking their own riding to their own personal best
my feeling after the Wakefield event amazed me
a quick 45 minute sprint destroyed me...
I can not imagine how I would fare in the Shenadoah Mountain 100
if I were to race it tomorrow
either injury or SAG WAGON
time for me to get out on the bike
may have to make some night stealth missions on the roads of ROCK CREEK sneak out on the bike for a few hours each night after the boys go to sleep
it could be good for me to ride my bike rather than ride the couch
there has been plenty of couch riding this season

time to start riding the bicycle

weather permitting I should be heading out to the
this weekend
looks like they may have dropped the Clydesdale Class... no worries... guess I will have to race Sport
this time last year I was debating with racing Sport or Expert the way I am feeling I am torn between Sport and Beginner.... Junior if I can fool the folks at Registration

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