The Paper Boy
a children's book by Dav Pilkey
this book was most certainly written by a person who worked as a paperboy as a child
the book is written in such a simple and plain fashion that it delivers the clarity that only a Paperboy could deliver
although my experience as a paper boy was with an afternoon paper, the Washington Star
there were still the weekend morning deliveries and I have memories of assisting my brother when he delivered the Washington Post
everytime I read this book it is as if I am back in time feeling those same emotions as described in this book
the cold mornings... even in summer
the task of balancing the bike with papers
the freedom of riding with the papers gone
the ballistic motion of having the route committed to memory
the quiet world as everyone else is asleep
it gives me great pleasure to read this book to my sons and to get to experience those emotions again and again
sure it is a book of few words
it is a book that delivers a wonderful story
perhaps that is why this book was awarded the Caldicott Medal

it is sad to think that this world exists in a more complex time
a time where tasks were once character building money makers for children are jobs for adults
I grew up delivering papers, cutting lawns, doing yard work, and babysitting
even our babysitters are adults
these are different times that will most certainly produce a different type of adult

I have always wanted to write a children's book
write and illustrate
maybe writing this notion down will make me accountable

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