a post work hike in the woods with the dogs and the boys inspired this little additive piece to something that had been typed up this morning after my prework hike with the dogs sans boys

Additions/Amendments to The Trash and Treasures of Rock Creek Park
there are so many treasures tucked into these woods
some treasures more unique than others
when hiking with my sons my younger boy often marvels at the sparkling and shinning at his feet
so entranced he stops in his tracks
he bends over
he picks up his little treasure
to which I rush over and snag that little piece of broken glass
not that rustic redneck collectable of the ocean known as Sea Glass
but just basic broken bottle.... still sharp... still fresh
then of course there are the less frequent treasures tucked away by the underbelly that travels the park's trails at night
there are the condoms and the hypodermic needles
no back lit DIY shelves for these treasures
those treasures are best collected by adults than small children

then here is a little something inspired by the site of a fast Clydesdale; riding buddy and friend, Chris Redlack
the other day when our post work paths intersected I parted saying to him... "you just don't get it"
I have felt this before
not just with Chris... but with so many others
as I have seen Chris out on his single speed before spin class
I was skipping stones for brutus and roscoe.... whiel chris was skipping snacks, burning calories, and gaining speed
today as I broke my back with a toddler on my shoulders, a young boy with a Batman mask at my side, and two dogs straining leashed at my site I saw Chris muscling through traffic on Beach Drive
I looked on, thought, and
jealously I uttered to myself.... "chris, you just do not get it"
then after a sigh I thought some more... "but this fall your insight will expand.... just around the time when your home office becomes a nursery and you just may get it... and I am sure that you like it as much as I do..."

for me....
it is far more important to be an expert dad and a sport mountainbiker than to find myself being a sport (or god forbid a beginner) dad and an expert mountainbiker
there is that chance for the expert across the bored
but I am not ready for any more sacrifices
just because I was skipping stones with the boys and the dogs does not mean I skipped my ride
I managed to squeeze an hour-twenty on the bike
rode right through the thunder storm
I can deal with rain... it was the lightning I feared

dean is done bathing....
back to trying to be an expert dad
it is important to keep the Blog in perspective as well

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