Rock Creek Trash, Rock Creek Treasures, and ROCK CREEK TRAPS
living in the city there are certain things I do not like but I have learned to deal with...
trash and traffic are two of my main issues
smokers and their "butts"
junk food junkies and their chicken bones and plastic wrappers
inconsiderate and ignorant are just part of the human way
by nature man is selfish and lazy
always taking the biggest piece of pie and always looking for someone to do their work for them
so I can deal with the idiots and their obnoxious driving
the losers who take a hike and leave a wrapper....
those things I have come to understand as part of our American Way.... Indian crying by the roadside or not.... that is the way people have done it every since I was put on this planet
it is the TRAPS that really irk me
when someone takes things to the level of a trap.... then I really start to wonder about the mind of the people
candy apples and razor blades may be an urban myth
but I have seen a few things in the woods that boggle my mind
on some trails that are unmarked and not designated as hiker or biker I found myself getting a double flat
after getting that set of flats I sent a warning out to my brother to "watch out for nails"
later that day my brother went in on a mission
Search and Destroy!
well.... Search and Discover!
and he did discover
a double flat brought him to backtrack and find a strip of nails tacked to a thin piece of board
placed below some leaves
definitely intentional
definitely a strike against the biker traffic
later that day my brother called the Montgomery County Police and took them into this section of woods
he brought his older son with them....
made an adventure of it
the police observed and did nothing
what should one expect....
if a runner got tetnis or some other infection
or just a puncture from those nails....
what is it all for?
the dog traffic , hiker traffic, child traffic.... all the negaive things to unsuspective victims is hardly worth the intended punishment to the occassional bicycle that rolls through
(these are rogue trails.... not marked... not designated no bikes)
the police did nothing
some Nature Nazi is the only one who knows where to step and where not to step

over in my neck of the woods there seems to be a psychotic cousin to this Nature Nazi
the other day while collecting Rock Creek Treasures for my bottle collection I saw a plastic Easter Egg
knowing that some families have had Easter Egg hunts in these woods in the past I did not find this to be so odd
so I bent over and picked up the small blue plastic egg
to the touch I could feel that there was still a treasure inside
I shook the egg
my mind wander of all the great Cracker Jack style prizes that may fit into such an egg
maybe a Matchbox Car
maybe an Easter Novelty Toy
maybe a cluster of rusty thumb tacks fused together
sure enough... it was a cluster of rusty thumb tacks
without having the lab or Quincy to aid in the diagnosis
I was unable to determine if these rusty thumb tacks were once hidden in chocolate
but it did disturb me a bit
as much as I am angered by the broken glass
as much hatred that swells through my veins for the needle left behind by the loser junkies
this made me more angry than anything
the candy apples and razor blades may be more than an urban myth
there are people sick enough to lace Girl Scout Cookies with broken glass, needles, and pins
and of course
around Easter....
there may be some psycho who is setting little egg traps for little boys and girls with baskets filled with marshmellow bunnies, transparent green plastic grass, and hollow easter eggs filled with various surprises... some tastee and some dangerous

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