Rock Creek Trash/Rock Creek Treasure
this weekend I spent a few minutes
not much more than a few minutes
roughly the same amount of time it would take to "mosey" a few city blocks
roughly the same amount of time it would take to walk a few blocks while picking up trash
managed to fill up a few trash bags with various things that somehow found themselves in the woods
most of these things being packaging for various food and drink

it is interesting the wrappers and containers that are disguarded in the woods
there is a consistant theme....
most every container is for a product that is inexpensive
most every container is for a product that is less than healthy
much of the containers are from alcohol... all of the alcohol containers are for the less expensive products be they beer, hard liquor, or champagne
this said....
there are far more Popeyes, McDonald's, and 7-11 than Whole Foods, Harris Teeters, Sutton Place Gourmet
there are far more empty Corona, Budweiser, Maddog 20/20, and Smirnoff Vodka than Guinness, Sierra Nevada, Jameson, or Absolute

this sociological study of trash tells something
but does not tell all

recently I have not only been collecting Rock Creek Trash
but I have also been collecting Rock Creek Treasures.....

Some Rock Creek Treasures are basically the Rock Creek Trash of years past
the greater the years
the greater the treasure
recently I have started to collect old bottles from the woods
planning a little DIY project.... a shelf with backlight to showcase these treasures!
so far I have a good number of bottles
Wink Cola
or course some old Coke and Pepsi bottles with raised logos
a variety of PINT bottles with colored glass
and some small bottles of unknown origins

pictures to come if I ever create this shelf

Additions/Amendments to The Trash and Treasures of Rock Creek Park
there are so many treasures tucked into these woods
some treasures more unique than others
when hiking with my sons my younger boy often marvels at the sparkling and shinning at his feet
so entranced he stops in his tracks
he bends over
he picks up his little treasure
to which I rush over and snag that little piece of broken glass
not that rustic redneck collectable of the ocean known as Sea Glass
but just basic broken bottle.... still sharp... still fresh
then of course there are the less frequent treasures tucked away by the underbelly that travels the park's trails at night
there are the condoms and the hypodermic needles
no back lit DIY shelves for these treasures
those treasures are best collected by adults than small children

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