Serious Stuff
the attack on London is a blow to the world
the magnitude is no where near what was expericence on that September day several years ago that has become known as 9-11
one life lost to terrorism is too many
each event can not be measure against the other
in each case we have been robbed of our FREEDOM

this attack has to be a bit of a reminder to the people in control

where are our energies going?
are our energies going in the right place?

even if this attack was not masterminded by Osama Bin Laden
it is a reminder that he is still out there
that we are directing our attention in the wrong direction
yes... Iraq is a mess! there is no arguement there
it is a mess we created when we should have been focused on our immediate ememy
we should have finished one fight before we started another

I see this London attack like this....
a bar fight started
then just as the fight began one of the people involved turned his attention away from his opponent and started up a new and differnent conflict with a completely unrelated person
while focused on fighting the second person... BAM! sucker punched by the first party
did not see that one coming..... or should we have?

even if this is not entirely linked to Osama Bin Laden
this should refresh our memory that he is the one we are looking for....
yes... Osama... the Saudi with the Afgans... not the Iraqis
we all agree the Saddam is evil...
yes.. the Iraqis may very well be better off without him (eventually)
but what about Osama

off my soap box

my most sincere grief goes our to all injured or dead from all of these attacks
as a father
as a friend
as a person who loves life
as someone who wants to live a long rich life
it gives me great pain to think how these lives have all been changed
it gives me great pain to think about how the world has been changed
and for what?
someone please tell me.... for what?

our world is headed down a nasty path
not sure what can be done to redirect our future off this collision course with self destruction

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