Bush goes biking....
USA Today article about Bush Biking
Bush talks about biking, fishing, and working with his chain saw.... no mention of his tasks as president
I like his rule... "no one passes the president"

(photo from USA Today by Eric Draper)

Later this week Bush is scheduled to Ride with Lance
(cycling news)
Lance is in a strong position
he is using much of his influence in so many positive ways
perhaps he and Bush can sort out some of the priorities of the world
I heard a quote from Lance... not sure if it is accurate... but something to the effect that, "the war we should be fighting should be against cancer"
or something to that effect
I wonder if Bush is going to enforce his "no one passes the president" rule
as we all know that Lance has a "no one passes Lance" rule

here it is.... Bush and Lance

added later

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