Double Parking and Rush Hour No Parking
there are a few things that really irk me about life in the city
Double Parking and Parking in the Rush Hour No Parking Zone have to rank up there in the top ten
Whether riding my bike or driving my car I often find myself getting frustrated by some "butt plug" who is double parked
they may be dropping off their "momma"
they may be picking up their "girl"
no matter what the reason... they are blocking traffic with no concern for anyone else but themselves
so frequently I pass this common urban site
after making the pass I see several legal spaces large enough that parallel parking would not be needed
these people choose to double park

I think that there should be a little change in the DOUBLE PARKING ticketing policy
it is simple
Double Parking would be a ten dollar fine
just a ten dollar fine
the conditions would change
officer friendly would no longer pull up behind the double parked vehicle and offer that gentle push with their lights and horn
nor would officer friendly walk up to the driver's side window and give a knock or a rap on the window
instead the ticket would be written and issued immediately
then the car would be told to move
then if this person got 5 of these tickets in a year's time
this driver would lose their license
simple and plain
driving is a privilege not a right
and well
people are abusing their privilege
those who can not behave need to be punished

ticket and tow
take em away

this same rule goes to those parked in the Rush Hour No Parking Lanes
downtown everyday
take a look around
every day I see the same people doing the same thing
someone dropping off their friend or lover
if they are there a few minutes early....
well they wait there till it is time for work
car parked blocking traffic
then they wonder why there is RUSH HOUR traffic

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