Life as a Father Alters my Perspective
the image on the cover of today's Washington Post moved me
it was an artful image of a young child lying lifelessly on his back as two other boys stood over him
there was a wagon or a trailer missing a wheel behind them
years ago I may have shrugged my shoulders... and thought... that is Africa.... bummer to be born into that world
.... glad that is not me
but now as a father I see the world through a different set of eyes... I see that image and I can see a child
a boy no different than one of my two boys
only different by the world they are born into
it saddens me... it saddens me nearly to tears

check out the slideshow images from this post story about Niger

then wipe the tears away and dive into some comic relief with this Andy Milonakis character... his show is a hoot

then step back and think what you can do to make the world a better place
your efforts do not need to be a donation made to the starving children in Africa
maybe you can do something here... maybe just be a better person
you don't have to go around your neighborhood picking up trash... maybe you can not throw trash
be more positive instead of negative in your actions... follow the speed limits not for fear of getting a ticket... but to make the streets more safe
give people the right of way
do the just thing
do something....
come on... ask your friends... they will tell you that you are a selfish asshole
change that
it will make you feel better

Andy is right... the Super Bowl is GAY.

and yes
I am trying hard not to be a selfish asshole all the time
and no
it would not hurt to send some money to a relief cause that you believe in Africa, Asia, the Middle East... take your pick
we have poverty here in the United States if you want to save on postage

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