More Images from Colorado
these shots were taken in Boulder

as most people know.... Boulder is a fitness Mecca
the running and cycling community seems larger there than in any city I have ever experienced
DC has its runners, its bikers, and its kick ballers... but nothing like Boulder
the surroundings are just great for enabling such interests

not only are the mountains and the trails aiding in enabling such interests
the rules and laws of the area aid in allowing such activities

in my short time in Boulder I took a few snapshots of various signs that made sense
signs that I would love to see in my town
here are a few...
all too small to read
-the first image shows a bike path
in this image it is clear that the path moves to allow cyclists to take a left hand turn
then it says "yeild to bikes"
this is something that the DC area could use
how can a cyclist take a left turn if they are forced to stay in the right hand lane?

-No Passing Bikes on Curves
then the warning sign says Bikes Next 7 Miles
this is common sense
but DC could use some of these signs as well
does it take a head on collision for people to realize how ignorant this is?
the car could run into another car.... or worse yet... another cyclist!

-then the CONOCO

-a warning sign telling bikes to USE THE FULL LANE
don't need to tell me twice!
share the road does not mean share the lane!
power to the people!
the revolution will not be motorized

-this one is basic.... but we could use it in Anytown USA
every day I deal with this same scenario
people line up in the queue... right over the bike path.. blocking the intersection
I tell ya.... IQ test and Death Penalty

for me the multi-color sign with the wake up effort
seems that no one sees the signs
seems that no one sees the lines on the road
maybe the signs and the lines need to be brighter?

I hate the thought of more signs
there are enough signs
people do not see the signs
perhaps PSA on these issues may help better
start the education early

who knows...
maybe we can find a drug to inject people with empathy
if people could just see the cyclist on the road as a person just like themselves rather than a moving obstacle.... then we might get somewhere
until then....
it is ROLLERBALL 2000!

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