Note to the Crackheads
guess I was not fair in my earlier post
not all Crackheads are theives and not all theives are crackheads
sorry if I brought down your stock or decreased your property values

guess it was wrong for me not to understand things better
after some thought I think I am becoming more open minded on this issue

sure you had your reasons for cutting through my convertible top to take the change from the ash tray

there must have been a justification for breaking my passanger window in the rear to get those old cassette tapes

when my friends came to visit from out of town they should have taken my advice not to leave anything in their car within view... I warned them... so it is their fault for leaving their tools in their car... I hope you charged top dollar for them and really got off!

when you stole and returned my truck... each time I appreciated that you returned it... but couldn't you have left a few bucks for gas? for a while I thought you were just taking the gas until I later realized that you were taking the whole truck (story half way down the page)
at least you did not smoke in the truck while you were out joy riding looking for "hos"

when I did not lock my convertible because I did not want you to cut the roof again or break one of my windows... I left this car unlocked... I understand that you need a place to sleep... I am sure my seat covers made a nice blanket... but why did you always have to leave things such a mess? always leaving your bottle of hooch.... always tearing things up.... there was nothing of value when you tore apart the glove box yesterday.... why tear it up again today?

when you held me up at gun point... with the pistol to my head
I had not know you had killed before but I still believed that you meant what you said
I did what you asked then I went and got the police
you got arrested as your route of escape was past the 3D station
glad you did not kill me... for that I am thankful
had you just taken the cash and left me with the credit cards and ids like I had asked... i would have never bothered with the police... now you are in jail getting leaner and meaner to walk the streets a little harder on another day

it goes on
sorry for not better understanding your position

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