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Race Report: The Susquehanna Scorcher 2005

P.A.C.E: Positive Attitude Changes Everything
it is true
I know nothing about P.A.C.E.
nor do I know anything about pace
for that matter I know little about preparation, training, and fitness
in reference to P.A.C.E..... I would find a reason to complain if I won POWERBALL

today I raced the Susquehanna Scorcher
there was no Clydesdale Class... well.... there was a beginner Clydesdale Class
so I raced Expert
thought I could use a spanking
I got spanked good

more on this later
I may occupy my mind with reading BLOGS instead of writing BLOGS
ran into some people at the race and realized that my BLOGGING has been one sided
more out than in
and I could use some input

at work now doing some busy work'
was studying... but narcolepsy was kicking in

and this
at the race I ran into Buddy
first face to face...
read his BLOG before
and definitely seen him at various events over the years
expected to see Fatmarc there.... but he was a now show
apparently he is getting PSYHCED for the SSWC05
that event is going to be a SCENE! A TOTAL SCENE!
(in the best of ways of course)

totally unrelated

yes.... I am curious how the CRANKY MONKEY went for people today

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