saw fellow City Bikes Mountainbike Team Member Joe Foley twice this weekend
he was out spinning on his road bike
looks like he is getting totally ready for the Shenandoah Mountain 100
also saw fellow Clydesdale Chris Redlack
think I saw him through the trees as I was out on a hike with the dogs yesterday
know I saw Chris coming the opposite direction on the Capitol Crescent trail this afternoon
I was out on the cross bike pulling Grant in the trailer
starting to get excited about the SM100 myself
there is a great deal that surrounds the event
it can be a serious party
lisa and dean will be down camping the night prior which should be fun!
Joe did some leg work for the team and got us to order some wool jerseys
I am psyched to get a classic jersey for the fall...
will I need to get wool arm warmers?
as the lycra and the wool would clash?

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