Snow Cones
perhaps this is a summer treat from a simpler time
or maybe you just need to be a kid to enjoy them
either way
I feel about the Snow Cone in the same way that many people feel about Necco Waffers and Circus Peanuts
(two candies that rank within my long list of favorites)
that said
tonight I gave Dean and Grant each a snow cone
Grant immediately passed his snow cone off to me only to take occassional licks from Dean's snow cone
always a wonderful image to see Dean playing the role of the "good" big brother
it was a good way to spend the tail end of an evening
had the porch been mosquito free it may have been a picture perfect summer scene
it was a tad rushed
and perhaps a little uncomfortable
on another night we will have to swap out watermelon for snow cones
as I know that that is a wonderful outdoor summer evening treat!

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carrie said...

i love snow cones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!