Thievery Corp to host a Benefit to Build Support in Ending the War in Iraq
and it has a name
Operation: CEASEFIRE
brought to you by UNITED FOR PEACE
it has a date
Mark your Calendars
Book your babysitters now
pencil it in on your calendar
enter it electronically to your PDA
as for me.... I would love to attend but I think that I will be in VEGAS that weekend

this is a no brainer
I like
Thievery Corporation and I do not like the War in Iraq
seems like an easy enough place to stand and be counted

not sure of exact dates or locations

but will certainly post when I know more

check out the videos on the Thievery
my friend Rob did a great job on the WARNING SHOTS VIDEO

his STEREOTONIC video with Thunderball is well worth a look as well
back and enjoy

when rob (not rob garza) is not playing sitar or guitar w
ith thievery... he is doing film or multi-media stuff or working with Fort Knoxs Recordings on various projects such as Thunderball

this was shared with me from another rob.... a different rob all together

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