two things about the passing of time and the passing of today

today was Dean's first day at his new school
it is pre-K.... Anarchy in the Pre-K
Dean was at another school/daycare before
this is a new school; new school building, new school teacher, and new school students
he transitioned well... no tears
roughly 19 years ago I was at that same school on my way home from work
this trip was made after work with another messenger from the same company
he was a high level skater from an day earlier
still skating and tearing up the streets fighting for position as "top dog" at this company
legend had it he was on the cover of Thrasher in 1981 which at that point in time was not so many years prior... he was still going big at Cedear Crest Country Club's steel ramp
we were on our mid eighties low end mountainbikes
there were some asphalt transitions there that we were trying to do BMX style maneuvers
this skater/messenger who went by Puker was not doing anything more fancy than myself
guess without these transitions going to vert or us not having any BMX skills kept us on the ground
which was not odd for me.... as I have a history of existing as a land dweller
on one of my feeble attempts to catch air I managed to break my chrome Mongoose ATB frame
that would be the first of a dozen broken frames from a long list of warranties
guess Dean transitioned better at this school than I did

one more notion on age
tonight I put on some music so that Dean and Gr
ant could dance
normally their flavor is Electronica of one style or another
but tonight I grabbed a cd of The Who's Tommy
Grant was able to spin some moves to it
Dean was more into his Batman moves that I was convinced would take us to the ER
then I thought
this album came out roughly then I was Dean's age
I can recall much of the chorus' and rhythms from that early in life
I can also recall listening to this Rock Opera at great length in high school

time to put Dean to bed
while Dean picks out a book I am going to make this addition to this early post
when reading to Dean so often I enjoy the bicycle theme books
the other day when reading Franklin Rides a Bike I as pleased when Dean displayed an interest in trying to learn to ride his bike without training wheels (again)
but there are times when the cyclist is not the good guy... like in Bill and Pete

no time to grab an album cover of The Who's Tommy

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